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23 million Americans struggle with addiction—and it’s not something anyone plans. But there is hope. Addiction is a treatable brain disease that we at Serenity House understand.

Serenity House loves you exactly where you are and offers the resources that empower you to create positive change in your life. Since 1984, we have helped over 30,000 people break free from drug and alcohol addiction. We do this not only for you, but for your loved ones, because we know addiction can be as painful for families and friends as it is for the one with the disease. Every individual is unique, so we tailor treatment to your specific needs. Learn about our treatment programs...

Watch videos from former Serenity House patients who have found hope and lasting recovery through Serenity House.  They offer a message of hope to those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.
The Serenity House Recovery Blog is another great resource for your recovery, with articles, announcements, and encouragement for recovery posted daily.
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For 30 years, we have been providing high quality substance abuse treatment to countless individuals, and we have been the only treatment option for many who cannot afford treatment or are not adequately insured. What about the next thirty years? 

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